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How to Prepare: BE Careful.. THESE ARE THE HOTTEST PEPPER, If you get them on your skin or eyes youll be hurtin.. use latex gloves to protect your skin. Cut off the stems of the peppers and put them in a baking dish with the olive oil and peeled garlic cloves bake at 350 for 5-10 mins until peppers are soft, combine all the ingreidents in a food processor or blender including the oil the peppers were roasted in and the whole peppers including the seeds Blend until its all chopped up and blended.. Transfer into a small container or bottle and enjoy.. WARNING this is the hottest of the Hot.. a small tab is enough for a whole plate of food.. Wash all utensils very well and throw gloves away.. DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE until everything is cleaned up.. trust me on this..rofl

Easy Cocktail Sauce

Serves:As many as you need,5 CarbsPerServing:5g Prep Time:1 min Effort:Easy


1/4 Cup Mayonaise 1/4 Cup Ketchup1/4 Cup Mustard (regular yellow mustard)

How to Prepare: Put these in a bowl and mix with a spoon. Since the ingredients are equal amounts you make as much or little as you need. No waste.

Deviled Ham & Cream Cheese Dip

Serves:9,10 CarbsPerServing:-0- carbs in ham spread, 2 carbs per 2 Tbl. in Cream Cheese, -0- in Mayo Prep Time:10 min. Effort:Easy


1-8oz package cream cheese 1-4.25oz. can Underwood Deviled Ham 4-5 Tbs. Mayo

How to Prepare: Have cream cheese at room temperature or nuke for a few seconds.

Then add the cream cheese to the canned ham spread. I skim the fat off the top of the ham. Add the mayo and mix with electric mixer until smooth. This is great to use as a dip with pork rinds or celery sticks.Can add more mayo if desired.

Low Carb 'Honey' Mustard

Serves:Makes one serving.,10 CarbsPerServing:About 3 Prep Time:Less than one minute! Effort:Easy


1 Tbs Dijion Mustard 1 Tbs Spicey Brown Mustard 2 Tbs Heavy Whipping Cream 1 Packet Splenda

How to Prepare: Mix all ingredients together and serve! This stuff is wonderful with chicken. It really does taste like the real thing! YUM! You'll have to remind yourself you're not cheating, lol.

Crabmeat Dip

Serves:2-4 people,10 CarbsPerServing:2 grams of carb for 3 oz serving Prep Time:10 minutes Effort:Easy


Four ounces of fresh crabmeat One tablespoon of olive oil One small can of chopped black olives (or four tablespoons of chopped black olives) Six ounces of whipped cream cheese Salt, pepper and onion powder to taste Two dashes of Paprika Two tablespoon of fresh parmesan or romano cheese

How to Prepare: Add olive oil to small skillet on medium heat Stir in crabmeat and olives Saute for about 3-5 minutes Add seasoning except paprika Once the mixture is very hot, fold in the cream cheese. Keep on medium heat. Stir into a nice, hot dip-like consistency Sprinkle parmesan and romano cheese so it melts on top of the dip Serve hot with pork rinds or fresh low carb veggies

House Dressing

Serves:??,10 CarbsPerServing:Not darn many! Prep Time:One minute or less Effort:Easy


Mayo White wine Dijon mustard Steak sauce of your choiceThat's it!

How to Prepare: I usually make it 3 1/2 parts mayo to 2 parts mustard to 1 part steak sauce. Since the steak sauce has carbs, I've been cutting back. You can do it to taste! You won't need much steak sauce.This is great for shrimp, Wasa crackers, chicken, veggies, anything!

White Dipping Sauce for Shrimp, Veggies or Porkrinds

CarbsPerServing:12g total Effort:Easy


1 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup prepared horseradish 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce1 teaspoon fresh parsley 1/4 teaspoon hot sauce -- or red pepper 1 clove garlic

How to Prepare: Mix all ingredients until smooth. Chill for 3 hours. This is best used to dip cocktail shrimp or veggies and dare I say pork rinds (ewwww) I have been told by several people in the chat room (that I gave the recipe too), that they love it. I am not a fan of horseradish sauce, but there is something about this dip that makes it so good. It is extremely low carb also! Enjoy!

Bar-B-Q Sauce

Serves:10 CarbsPerServing:32g total Effort:Easy


1 bottle Diet Coke -- (20 oz) 6 ounces canned tomato paste 1/4 cup brown sugar twin 1/4 cup cider vinegar1/4 cup chopped onions Liquid Hickory smoked flavoring (to taste) Garlic salt (to taste)

How to Prepare: Mix all together in a pot and cook on Med low until mixture starts to thicken. Stirring Ocasionally. When Mixture is "Thickened" Take off the stove and allow to cool. Use on Chicken, Pork or Beef (It's great on ribs). Refrigerate any unused portion.

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