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NOTES : Counts for brown sugar twin, hickory smoke, and garlic salt not included in totals.

Tasty Sauce

CarbsPerServing:42g total Effort:Easy


6 ounces Tomato Paste 2 ounces white vinegar 4 ounces water 2 packages artificial sweetener 1/2 ounce olive oil 2 drops worcestershire saucesalt -- to taste pepper -- to taste 1 clove -- powdered marjoram -- powdered, to taste garlic powder -- to taste cayenne pepper -- to taste MSG -- to taste 1 drops fresh lemon juice

How to Prepare: Mix all thoroughly, refrigerate a few hours before use if possible. Makes 12 oz, tried to get close to Heinz flavor (clove)

NOTES: Counts for spices with no measure not included.

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