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Cajun Stew

Serves:A lot. CarbsPerServing:Mostly from tomatoes (net 3 per 1/2 cup) Prep Time:30 min Effort:Easy


2 large cans peeled crushed tomatoes 1/2 can tomato paste (small) 3/4 lb ground beef 8 hot italian sausagesdiced green pepper and onion oregano, parsley and thyme hot sauce red pepper flakes salt and pepper

How to Prepare: Place tomatoes in tall pot (make sure you check the label for no sugar added, net carbs should be 3 for a 1/2 cup serving), add the tomato paste, spices and diced vegetables while browning the ground beef and sausages. Prick the skins of the sausages as they brown. When the meat has been browned, drain well, add to the stew pot. Simmer for about two hours until the meat is tender. Depending on seasoning, stew will be tangy but not too hot.

Grandma's Turkey Vegetable Soup

Serves:5 CarbsPerServing:? Prep Time:1/2 hour Effort:Average


2 Turkey Legs 2 quarts water 2 bay leaves 1/2 tsp Ginger 1/2 tsp Poultry Seasoning 1/4 tsp celery seed Celery Bottom and center chopped fine 2 TBLS of Onion 1/2 bag frozen green beans 1 yellow squash 1 can tomatoe sauce

1 can stewed tomatoes

How to Prepare: In large soup pot Boil Turkey legs in water bay leave ginger poultry seasoning and celery seed celery parts and onion for about 2 hours or until meet is falling off bone. Make sure no bones are left and put all meat back in pot. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 1/2 hour and soup is on.

Tasty egg drop soup

Serves:1 CarbsPerServing:1 carb Prep Time:about 5 mins (or more) Effort:Easy


1 chicken,or beef bouillon cubes1 egg 1 cup of water

How to Prepare: 1 Beat your egg into a seperate cup before you start.

2 Put water in an bowl and add your Boullion cube.

3 When the mixture starts to boil(allow it to REALLY boil)add the egg with a fork and allow it to drizzel in the boiling water.

4 Turn the heat off(you may have to break apart the egg when done)

5 Let cool

6 Serve and enjoy

Chicken soup - slow cookery

Serves:6 servings 1-1/2 c each CarbsPerServing:5-6 carbs total Prep Time:20 minutes max Effort:Easy


6 - 8 chicken legs

3 cups of hand cut cabbage

1/3 green bell pepper1 small onion

3 TBS of Pace Picante Suace

*1/2 lime,cheese,avocado -Optional

How to Prepare: place chicken at bottom of crock pot. Then pour cabbage and onion. At thetop place the green pepper sliced and the sauce. Add at least 4 cups of water.(sald and pepper to taste) Cook on high for about 1-1/2 hour and then low for another 1-1/2 hour. Check that chicken does not overcook. When ready serve and top each serving with diced mozeralla, lime or avocado.

Sooo good!

Italian Soup

Serves:Makes 2 cups/ 1 Serving,10 CarbsPerServing:0 carbs Prep Time:less than 7 minutes Effort:Easy


Chicken or Vegetable Bouillon

2 eggs (whites only)Parmesan Cheese

How to Prepare: Prepare Bouillon as directed on label.While bringing to a boil add 2 egg whites.Serve with a healthy portion on Parmesan cheese on top.

Chili (no tomato)- Quick, Single Serving

Serves:1 CarbsPerServing:11 net Prep Time:15 minutes Effort:Easy


1/2# hamburger-fried & drained; 1/2 cup Great Value Pinto Beans (Walmart); TBSP chopped cilantro (optional);2 chopped green onions; TBSP Chili Powder; small can mushrooms (including juice); Salt/pepper to taste.

How to Prepare: Combine all ingredients into a medium microwave bowl. Heat thoroughly and enjoy.

Mushroom and Leek soup

Serves:8,8 CarbsPerServing:5.1 (40.86 for whole recipe) Effort:Easy


1 lb. mushrooms, sliced 1 bunch leeks, white part only, sliced (1 cup) 1 stick butter 1/4 cup whole grain soy flour1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon white pepper 3 cans chicken broth 1 cup heavy cream

How to Prepare: 1. Saute mushrooms & leeks in butter in large saucepn or dutch oven until tender, about 5 minutes. Stir in flour, salt, pepper & 2 cans of chicken broth. Cook, stirring constantly until mixture comes to a boil. Lower heat; cover; simmer 20 minutes.

2. Remove from heat; cool slightly. Pour mixture, a little at a time, into container of electric blender; cover; puree. Pour into a large bowl. When all the soupe is pureed, return to saucepan.

3. Add remaining can of chicken broth & the cream; heat until thoroughly hot.

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