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-stick fry pan Saute chicken with garlic powder until just starting to turn a golden brown. Add soy sauce. Simmer on low heat for about 5 to 10 minutes. The oil will float a little to the top. That’s okay.

Make salad with the remaining items. Sprinkle with black pepper. NO SALT! That’s what the soy sauce is for.

When salad is ready, pour the hot mixture of chicken,oil and soy onto the salad. Add balsamic vinegar to taste and toss. The lettuce will wilt a little. You will love it!

‘Honey’ Mustard! Serves:One CarbsPerServing:About 3 Prep Time:Less than one minute! Effort:Easy


1 Tbs. Dijion Mustard 1 Tbs. Spicey Brown Mustard

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