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--or-- sprinkle with paprika.

Easy Pizza Rolls Serves:your choice!, CarbsPerServing:depends on toppings, serving size, etc. Prep Time:5 minutes Effort:Easy


shredded italian cheese (mozzerella, italian blend, etc.) pizza sauce (low carb, Ragu pizza quick is great) pepperoni olives onions other pizza toppings of your choice

How to Prepare: Sprinkle the cheese into a small pan and cook until edges are lightly brown and cheese has a "lacy" appearance. Top with a LITTLE

(a little goes a long way!) pizza sauce and toppings of your choice. Remove from pan, roll together and ENJOY!! SOOO good & SOOO easy!

Easy Pizza Serves:1, CarbsPerServing:eggs are 1 carb each. Other carbs vary according to your toppings. Prep Time:just a few minutes Effort:Easy


1) 2 eggs, beaten 2) Pizza sauce3) Pizza toppings of your choice 4) Pizza cheese

How to Prepare: You need a frying pan that can also go under the broiler.Beat eggs, adding any seasonings that you would like in your "crust". I add basil and garlic powder. Pour eggs into frying pan and cook like an omelet. When the egg is solid, add pizza sauce and toppings. Place under the broiler until cheese is melted. This tastes just like real pizza!

Finger Food Serves:3,1 CarbsPerServing:zero carbs. Prep Time:none - right out of can Effort:Easy

Ingredients: Whole Baby Corn in a can

How to Prepare: Usually found in the Chinese section in the food store. It is virtually free with only 3g carb. dietary fiber 4g. Sugar is zero. Add to soups and salads also.

Fried Jicama Chips Serves:One CarbsPerServing:6 Prep Time:10 minutes or less Effort:Easy


1/2 of a medium Jicama Seasonings of choicePeanut Oil (or other oil suitable for high heat frying)

How to Prepare: Peel and rinse 1/2 of one globe of jicama. Slice paper thin, using one of those "as seen on TV" type vegetable slicers if you can. They give you the thinnest slices. Otherwise use a very sharp knife and slice carefully and thinly. Blot excess moisture from slices. Use enough oil to cover bottom of large skillet and to cover the slices, about 1/4" deep should do it. Heat oil, but do NOT OVERHEAT. Add jicama slices in a single layer. You won't get them all done in one batch. Fry each batch until you have browning around the edges, then remove to paper towels to drain while the next batch frys.

The chips shrink considerably. While still warm sprinkle them with pepper, salt, low carb seasonings, parmesan cheese, whatever you like, but lightly.

If you make the slices thin enough and fry carefully these chips come out so delicate and crunchy. Really too delicate for dipping unless you just use a thin Ranch dip or something.

Frying Pan Pizza Serves:depends on size of pan used, CarbsPerServing:depends on ingredients used Prep Time:5 minutes Effort:Easy


Mozzarella cheese Pepperoni Mushrooms Bottled Salsa or Tomato SauceGarlic Powder Onion Powder Oregano Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)

How to Prepare: Line bottom of non-stick frying pan with pepperoni(or meat of choice). heat through and blot grease. Sprinkle desired amount of mozzerella cheese, salsa or tomato sauce, and seasonings. Heat through until Mozzarella melts its way to the bottom and browns. Slide onto plate and enjoy!

Garlic and olive spread Serves:4,4 CarbsPerServing:3 Prep Time:3 minutes Effort:Easy


8 oz. cream cheese 12-15 green olives with pimentosdiced garlic

How to Prepare: mix all ingredients to taste

Garlic-Pepper Parmesan Crisps Serves:12,10 CarbsPerServing:1.6g/serving ; 1

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