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***This is wonderful as an appetizer or simply a snack*** Salami Wraps CarbsPerServing:no counts provided Effort:Easy


Thin-sliced hard salami Cream Cheese CuminGreen onions Asparagus Spears (canned or blanched)

How to Prepare: Mix cream cheese and cumin to taste. Spread on slices of salami and wrap around either a green onion spear or an asparagus sprear. (Gets better if the cumin can absorb into the cream cheese overnight)

These snacks were a favorite at parties before Atkins... they just happen to work on it, too. Also, something crunchy to bite spoon or fork required.

salmon croquettes Serves:12 patties or more,7 CarbsPerServing:< 1 per patty Prep Time:5 min. Effort:Easy


1-15 oz. can pink salmon, drained 1 egg 2 Tbs. soy flour 1/4 C green onion, minced

seasoning salt & pepper vegetable oil

How to Prepare: Put salmon into med. bowl. Remove big bones and any large pieces of skin. Combine well (mash) with remaining ingredients. Heat oil on med. high. Form small, thin patties 1-2 inches diameter. Fry until golden brown/crisp on both sides. Drain on paper towel. Serve with hot sauce, sour cream & green onion.

Sausage Balls Serves:60 balls CarbsPerServing:about 1/2 gram each ball (depends on your sausage and number of balls) Prep Time:15 min. mix time, 1 hr forming and baking Effort:Easy


How to Prepare: Prepare the Cheese Puff recipe and move into a bowl. Brown and crumble the sausage. Add the sausage to the cheese mixture and fold in well. Form 1" balls and place on lined, sprayed baking sheet. Bake at 350 approximately 20 minutes.

Add the cayenne! Definite kick and flavor boost there. SEAFOOD COCKTAIL SAUCE Serves:MAKES APPROX. 3 CUPS (ACCORDING TO

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