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1. Optional: prepare apple tea concentrate and allow to cool. Otherwise, just use plain water in Step 6.

2. Peel apple, slice thin, and then cut part into thin slices, the rest into a small dice. Sprinkle with lemon juice, cinnamon, and sweetener.

3. Grease tube pan and arrange apple slices in an attractive

pattern. Optional: if the pan is microwave safe, partly cook the apple slices -- this will help them stay in place when batter is added.

4. Also cook the diced apple briefly in microwave or on stove to make the apple pieces tender.

5. Mix (or grind) together, breaking up any lumps: CBA, ground nuts, sweetener equal (if dry -- or add liquid sweetener in Step 3), pinch salt. The finer the nuts are ground, the finer the cake.

6. Combine liquid ingredients.

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