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Categories: game Yield: 1 servings 1 ea deer...

Categories: game Yield: 1 servings 1 ea deer fillet, med size 2 tb butter, melted 1 tb flour 2 tb orange juice 1 ea bay leaf 1/2 lb mushrooms, chopped 2 tb butter, cold 1 salt & pepper to taste Mix melted butter with chopped mushrooms and cook for about five minutes. Stir, add flour and brown. Add orange juice, salt and pepper and bay leaf. Cover and simmer until sauce is creamy. Rub fillet with 2 Tbsp solid butter, sprinkle with pepper. Broil over very hot coals for 5 minutes per side. Place in a hot broiling plate, sprinkle with salt, add mushroom-orange juice sauce and cook until done to your desire, basting while it cooks. Use 2 levels of charcoal briquets for hot fire. Add hickory nuts or pecans, whole in husks, for smoke flavor. Smoked Deer Ham I

Categories: game Yield: 1 servings 1 ea deer ham, 8-10 lb 3 tb red pepper 1/2 c salt 1/4 c vinegar 4 tb pepper, black Wash ham carefully and trim away fat or cartilage. Make small slits in meat with sharpe knife about 2 in. apart and 1 in. deep, all over the roast. Make a paste of the ingredients and stuff each cut slit with a small teaspoon of seasoning paste. Rub remaining seasoning over outside of roast. Seal tight in a container and refrigerate for 24 - 48 hours, turning over 2 or 3 times. When ready to cook, place on spit over coals and smoke approximately 4 - 5 hours. When done, wrap in foil and keep very warm till serving. Hugg's Note: Electric skillet with hickory nut hulls make excellent smoke generating stuff. Also green maple, bay. Deer Sausage I

Categories: game Yield: 1 servings 10 lb deer meat, lean 10 lb pork, fresh, lean 3 oz water 1 oz pepper, black 3/4 oz ginger, ground 1 1/4 oz nutmeg 1/2 oz allspice 1/2 oz paprika 2 ts garlic powder 12 oz salt 1/2 lb dried milk 2 1/2 ts liquid smoke Grind together the two meats, mix thoroughly. Add measured water. Mix spices thoroughly and mix well into meat mixture. If sausage is to be smoked, omit the liquid smoke. You may stuff sausage into casings, making 6-8" links, or make into patties for freezing. To cook, place in a frying pan with a cover, adding water to the 1/3 mark on the sausage. Boil for 15 minutes covered, then remove. Drain most of the fat from the pan; replace sausage and brown. Make gravy in pan after sausage done. Venison Ragout With Onions

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